Monday, 17 November 2008

Oh and.....

Is it wrong to have a girl crush on Cheryl Cole...?

Sausages, haircuts and traffic jams

Hey folks,

I seem to have blogger at work so I'm quickly updating this before it gets blocked again or stops working.

I STILL haven't written about my holiday, note to self - I need to upload pictures tonightz!

Went to Leeds at the weekend and had the most amazingly lovely weekend with M.

On Saturday (very early even though it didn't open till 11am) we went to German market in Leeds:-

It was sooo cool. I've never been to a German market before, only those French travelling ones. But this one had a proper beer tent in the middle. All the stalls were selling lovely little things like gingerbread houses and wooden frogs - I'm sure that doesn't sound as good as it was. I had a pretzel which was delicious. M was very keen to eat a large German sausage which I was slightly alarmed by. And he bought some to take home too! We also got these mallow things which were like giant snowballs but with a waffle base. I had a white chocolate one and M had a cherry dark chocolate one. We saw some cool woolly hats that I naturally had to try on and M wanted to buy me one with ears on but we decided that I look cute enough already without woolly ears too. ;)

It started to get busy about lunchtime ish and you couldn't really see stuff on the stalls so we walked across the road to The Leeds art gallery. A lot of it was closed so we couldn't walk round it all but there was this amazing picture of troops in the first world war. They are posing for the picture but are surrounded by bare trees that have been destroyed by explosions. It was a very moving picture, to think what they must have thought etc. There was this weird man dressed like a woman that kept appearing in a lot of the pictures in and around the gallery which I found vaguely disturbing. I wish they would have contained him to one room instead of frightening me all the way round like that. When we got in there a young boy was brasso-ing the plaques on the steps going up to the first floor. He was doing a really good job, I wish I'd seen him finish. Then we went to the 'modern' art bit and saw an engine covered in copper sulphate which looked really pretty, I still don't get modern art though. Whilst we were walking to that bit we paused by the window at the front of the gallery where lots of young boys were doing all sorts of handstands and weird acrobatics outside the gallery. M commented that one of the boys had a very toned body....worryingly.

Later on we both went and had our haircut which was nice and relaxing and reasonable too!

On Saturday night we watched Disturbia which I thought was good. Wasn't anything to rave about but a light horror/thriller and fairly enjoyable. It stars Shia LaBeouf (the hero in transformers) who I think is funny. The serial killer who lived across the road was scary. He had longish hair and an earring. What are men thinking when they get passed 40 and decide to grow their hair long and get an earring. Ewww.

Yesterday mostly we just chilled out. I left about 5ish and got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half on the M1. I hate traffic jams so much, especially when it's on the way home. On the way there I have something to look forward to!

So back to reality and


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I am Paddington the Earl of Peru Sandwich

Ok not quite but I wanted to pay tribute to my rekindled love for marmite. I came home for lunch (internet at work is still not working) and I made myself a sandwich which contained Champagne marmite which M bought me, tomatoes - I bought those myself, not sure where I was going with that and mayonnaise on a nice brown bread. It sounds disgusting but I'm thinking it would be very popular in Esso garages, and I could charge £3.50 for it.




November spawned a monster

Or rather the IT department did, but November isn’t turning out to be the best month so far. How the heck can they expect you to enjoy work without access to the interweb, the scoundrels.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s another day of working and no browsing. This is a little frustrating because now it’s holding me back from any other opportunities (work wise) when I get up North. Because of my current contract I’ve had to give three months notice which is a little strange, I feel like I just want to go now. So, this equally means I can’t get up to Leeds and start looking for other stuff. That coupled with the fact that my particular industry (I am a conveyancer) is absolutely on it’s knees and I’m struggling to find anything. I will hopefully secure some kind of temp work as soon as I move up which will make me feel better, I hate to think of not working.

I wonder what’s happening on the internet? It’s weird how you can become so dependent on something for pretty much everything. Maybe this is a good opportunity to go cold turkey. Although I have this thought that if I do that I’ll never see M again. He tends to float around all areas of the internet on a pretty much minute by minute basis. Nice work if you can get it.

So I haven’t really gone into dreams much yet but I have them, all the time, and usually they are weird or strangely they come true. So this is a bit of an odd situation because if they are weird then I get scared that they might come true like others have, but usually it’s just the mundane things that come true. For example I used to own this pair of trousers/jogging pant things and they always fell down because there didn’t appear to be a waist band in them. Anyway, so I hadn’t worn them and shoved them into the back of the drawer never to be thought of again. One night, out of the blue I dreamt that I had to go to some kind of fitness ‘show’ and needed to wear them. I put them on (in my dream) and I thought to myself, as clear as day that I should reach inside the top of them for some string that I could tie together to fasten them. So I did and I tied them and it was all fine and I went to the fitness show hoorah. When I woke up I immediately got the trousers out of the drawer, checked inside and to my complete surprise, there was string in there! Now I know you’re probably thinking that I should have just checked in the first place, but why would this come to me in a dream?! Very odd and I’ve had odder (if that’s a word) but I can’t think of any at the moment.

Apart from that, nothing much else to report. I have a slight headache though.

Over and out.

P to the E

Monday, 10 November 2008

There are some bad people on the rise..

And by that, I mean the IT department at my work. Apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to ban all Internet usage, by all I don’t mean things like FB or myspace – I mean useful things like Google and hotmail. They are having issues with slow connectivity and think this will help. Yeah, help me go round the friggin bend! I have absolutely nothing against the IT people as a rule, most of my friends, BF and others are all geek chic, but this has annoyed me greatly today! So I have to type this in word and send it to myself at home so I can post it.

Other things worth mentioning today are:-

I want to kill my next door neighbours (I say next door, I actually mean down the corridor from me in my apartment block) in a very slow painful way for continuing to wake me up every morning at 5am, oh and 6am on a Saturday.

There are lots of leaves around at the moment aren’t there? I love leaves all orange and red. I used to tell my mum when I was about 6 that I was going to have my hair all those shades one day. I seem to have created something similar recently but it was a complete accident and clearly those colours do actually look better on trees. Ooo I have another leaves story. When I was younger and it was autumn my friends and I used to go out to the playground on our breaks and interview leaves. Yes, you heard right, interview leaves. We used to pretend they were all involved in some massive leaf marathon and when they stopped they were getting water and waiting for an interview. Best interview to date was an Italian slightly brown leaf, lots of chest hair. I liked the way he said ciao when we concluded.

I have a Covent Garden soup for lunch, wild mushroom. I hope it will be fabulous like they normally are. I love mushrooms and they are always really chunky.

Can someone talk to the weather and ask it to behave itself? It’s been raining solidly now since Friday evening, together with wind and power cuts and all sorts of crazy antics. It’s not what I ordered for autumn. I want nice bright sunshine days so I can walk through the leaves (I don’t interview these days) and collect conkers. I haven’t had a decent conker fight in ages. I need to get M on the case.

I bought more hair dye yesterday, I’m hoping for more brilliant red this time around, not red on top, dark underneath.

I also bought a lovely shiny new ring. It’s quite large and turquoise. I feel like I must attend cocktail parties when I wear it (which was all night around the house – I haven’t dared to wear it to work). I have a habit of becoming obsessed with items of jewellery or clothes, and especially shoes. When I was 4 we went to a hotel to stay near my grandma’s house and my mum treated me to a lovely pair of red patent t-bar shoes. I was so pleased with them that when I had to go and have an afternoon nap I got undressed and got into bed, wearing nothing except my lovely new shoes.

I saw a box just now lying next to the printer, which appeared to have contained a cartridge of some sort but looks like it would make an excellent sand castle maker. Hmmmm possibilities.

I have been told by M that the photos of the holiday are now uploaded so hopefully I should be able to finally post about how much of an amazing time it was with pictures supplied by my amazing photographer side kick. More to follow on this point.

I seem to have waffled on again and I only meant to do a short post!

In the words of Jay-Z…this is what it looks like.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

I'm rubbish at this...

And I couldn't think of anything else better to call this post! So, as you will see I've been gone for a while, however I'm hoping once I have moved and I am more settled I shall be able to do this every day or at least give it a good shot!

So the holiday was fabulous, very relaxing and lovely to be away for a week, feel like I haven't had a proper relax like that for aggggges.

I wanted to post this:-

How cool?! It's my new mini hot water bottle that M got me, bless him. It's so handy and you can take it out and about with you and everything. Not that I'd want to carry around my hot water bottle but on those long car journeys you can feel nice and warm and snug...oh god, I've fallen asleep at the wheel again. So I'm not going to add my holiday stuff to this post because it will go on for hours and be too long for digestion. I will post up at some point this week though with a full review.

I'm currently writing this whilst watching Come Dine with Me the catch up. I feel a bit sick now though, I think I'm fooded out, far too much horrible food being cooked, what about a nice chocolate cake?

Laterz Pix