Sunday, 23 August 2009

And I would walk 500 hundred miles.....

Ok, probably not...but maybe a couple.

I want to start (but this isn't the start it's the second) by saying, I'm not normally like this, in real life. I mean, I don't say for example "thanks, I'll be round tomorrow at 8pm"...and then not come. I just get side tracked with stuff that goes on and I forget to blog.

So, yesterday M took me and my new Sketchers Shape Ups to Newmillerdam in Wakefield.


I added this one because along the right hand side of the water is all these trees which slope upwards. This one was really cool. It sort of looked liked lots of arms reaching up to the tree, especially at the bottom.

The wonder shoes. Oh and my red sock. Check it out.

It was a most pleasant day weather wise so we took advantage and I gave my new trainers a proper test. I have to say, I'm slowly falling in love with them. I feel like someone has asked me to learn to walk again, only this time - properly.

I've never had a 'thing' for trainers. I've never actually liked the look of them. I have a pair of babychams and some rocket dogs - but they're not really trainers, more sneakers. Ooo sneakers, I love that word.

Anyway, they are very comfortable. When you put your feet into them they seem to envelope them in a cosy pillowed way. They don't make your feet ache and they are just very squidgy under foot. The other thing that I've noticed that they do is make you stand up straight.

They add height because of the thickness of the heel but it's in a very subtle way. Because I'm short, most of my trousers drag along the floor so you can't actually see the shoes once I have them on but I wouldn't mind if you could, I honestly don't think the pictures do them justice because they really aren't as 'big' as they look.

We walked to the first bridge (I think there are 3) so it was about 1.6 miles. Not far but really lovely. There were lots of people out, and lots of families with one very cute child. It was strange actually, there were about 5 sets of people with only one child. Lots of dads convincing little ones to throw bread into the water for the mountains of ducks.

At one point some people were stood on the bridge and all they did was rustle the orange sainsburys bag and it was like a duck parade! They must have some kind of secret signal to each other because within a few minutes loads more ducks began to glide over to see if they could get a piece of the bread action. Very funny to watch. I'm surprised we didn't see the man being dragged into the water with only the remnants of the bread left to float on top of the water.

Took us about half an hour to walk round and then we decided to get an ice-cream. I say we, I wanted one. But then unfortunately, I couldn't eat it because my jaw was giving me grief and it was too cold so M had to eat it. But I'm sure he didn't mind.

We came home at teatime ish and watched The Strangers. Well, M watched it. I watched it through my blanket. I'm not sure why, it wasn't all that scary, more jumpy really and lots of "why are you doing that...get out of the ...RUN idiot woman"! etc. Wasn't bad though, just a bit pointless, no real story to it and ended quite suddenly. I like Liv Tyler, even though M think she's ugly, pah!

Then last night we made home-made pizzas. I like it because we can choose our toppings and they are a lot tastier than bought pizzas.

I put an egg on mine. M doesn't grasp the egg concept but I like it a lot.

Today we have been sorting out some of the rooms upstairs and making the spare room habitable for guests. My lovely friend Juli and her other half Matt are coming up to stay next weekend and I'm mucho excited.

I really miss seeing her now that I'm up here and she's pregnant and due soon so I feel a little like I'm missing out on the stuff that she's going through daily. I wish I could be around for her a bit more but unfortunately the distance is an issue. I'm going to be like a bad smell when the little baba is born, I can't wait! She's going to make such a lovely mummy.

So yes, we were sorting things out so that we can move my bed into position and make a cosy room for them.

This evening we have been to the Italian we like to have a nice bit of grub. I had calamari and a salad and M had calamari and steak. It was more like actually raw cow, still dripping with blood. Hmmm doesn't really temp me. The waiter was a bit weird too. Normally he's well on the ball but it took him ages to take our order and he was all wobbling around when he was walking. I thought he was drunk but some 'regulars' - from what we could gather, kept saying he was ill and spaced out on morphine. Felt a bit bad for saying he was a drunkard but hey, he shouldn't have been working!

Now, I think I'm going to bed to have an early night. Got a busy week next week because the lovely temp that I have been working with is only in till Wednesday. She's going on holiday and then back to uni (she's training to be a doctor). Boo. Don't want her to leave. She actually is really good and the new permanent person that I'm going to be working with is rubbish with a capital R. Honestly, she's like a zombie. I hope she snaps out of it.



Monday, 17 August 2009!

Hey folks,

I can't actually believe we're half way through August and only about 4 months away from Christmas - EEK!

For the last couple of weeks I have mostly been enjoying life. A lot. Not that I haven't any of the other times during the year you understand. Just that lots of cool things have been happening.

So on the 7th of August we went into Leeds to have a pre-birthday celebration. M and I had both had the day off but I didn't realise M had planned anything. We got up leisurely, which translates to we slept in despite being trampled on by the black, pointing to her mouth and asking for food and an open door for an exit to the bush in the garden.

We got a bit dressed up which is unusual for going into Leeds because we're right scruffy hoodlums normally. M had booked a table at the delightful Anthonys which I was excited by because I'd heard good things about it from my lovely friend Michelle.

We went straight to the restaurant after browsing a couple of the shops on the way, one hippy type shop with a nice old white witch looking lady. She complimented me on my eye shadow (bright green dior) which was nice of her, I didn't buy anything though, maybe I should have done.

The restaurant itself was fairly quiet, I guess because it was 12.30 on a Friday lunchtime and most business type people are in the pub. We were seated upstairs where I supped on a mojito:-

and M had a gin twist (which you can spot in the background). Both very refreshing. We were shown down to the restaurant by a very handsome French man. He was quite beautiful, perfect for my celebration! M agreed on his handsomeness. I'm not going to add pictures of all of our meal but it was lush. Excellent value for money and they are so attentive, I suppose what you expect in Michelin Starred Restaurants. I liked this:-

Heart shaped salad!

We finished in there about 2pm and then decided to go to the victorian quarter which is more or less opposite the restaurant. We had a coffee in the cafe bit of Harvey Nichols which is in one of the malls. We like people watching in there. Some very cool people walking around. With some not so cool ones to bemuse us.

Then, taking advantage of the fact that neither of us were driving, we decided to have a proper afternoon of bar crawling. It was lovely and warm and the cocktails went down rather well, whilst M showed me the places where the kool kidz hang out at night in Leeds. We went into Norman and I had a Vanilla and Rose Cosmopolitan cocktail:-

It was sooo scrumy, very delicate flavours. Much further drinking ensued. We ended our night in the Elbow Rooms which I've been in before with the girls and it was nice and chilled. We then walked to the station and got the train home. The train was diddy! Not like the trains at home that are proper lengthly carriages, this was more like a bus. Still, cool though. Not sure what the relevance of that last bit was.

So onto my birthday! I was very spoilt.

However this picture doesn't show the depth of presents! I got a fab new stereo which I watched M fitting yesterday. It has a usb stick attachment so I can just plonk all my music on the littlest of sticks and party away. I got necklaces and braclets and a new bag and perfume and makeup and shoes and baking stuff and just well, heaps.

Then M had arranged for us to go for Sheffield for the evening. It's not somewhere we've visited, only to a gig we went to and that was just to the venue and not to explore. We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel called Leopold Hotel they were marvellous. They wished me a happy birthday when we got there and the reception lady was so polite, it's those things you remember in hotels, isn't it? The room itself was spacious, cool and retro. With the brilliant addition of ghost chairs which my mum has and I love. All the hotel rooms are designed by Philippe Starck.

Incidentally, I saw a ghost chair that will be perfect for my dressing room when we move house:-

I'm not a 'girly girl' as Michelle Heaton would say. But I do like that chair. And make-up. And bags. And hair things. Oh god.

So we were right slap bang in the middle of Sheffield centre which was ideal for wandering around and seeing what it had to offer. There is some fabulous architecture with the town hall offering a pretty impressive backdrop. There is also the Peace Gardens which is a park/gardens with waterfalls and running streams.

It's the kind of place that Leeds is lacking in the middle of town. It was full when we were there, the weather was perfect for a little sunbathe and paddle in the water.

What followed this relaxing afternoon out is something which will pierce my memory for a long time to come. We went on the Sheffield Eye. *shudder*

This picture doesn't do the height any justice. It was frackin high. Probably to a normal person it was a few rotations round a large loop taking in the view of all of Sheffield.

To me it was one hellish minute after another. I really didn't think it would affect me like that. I'm almost thinking it was some kind of 'I've watched too many Final Destination type films'. I was having visions of our pod crashing off the ride and us plunging to our deaths. Either that or the ride was going to stop at the top and we would have to be rescued by a man on a single ladder 3 hours later. It was all completely irrational. M had a good time anyway, he found it funny watching me getting myself into such a state.

Anyway, after a much needed cold coffee in Cafe Nero we went back to the hotel room. Chilled out for a bit and then had a lovely meal out in Zizis. A most enjoyable weekend was had by all. I'd definitely go back to Sheffield, maybe we'll even move there one day.

And so that brings me to last week and my last review. A while ago one of my blogger friends recommended I put my blog on fuelmyblog to get a bit of coverage. I ticked a box that said I'd product review if they asked me to. I thought I wouldn't hear much but, by jove I heard from them last week! They emailed to ask me if I'd be interested in reviewing the latest in toning footwear Sketchers Shape Ups. It's so weird because I was contemplating buying some a few months ago because they seemed to get really good reviews. Plus I got bought (for my birthday) some Sketchers flip flops with little charms on the sides, which are soooo friggin comfortable.

And therefore I have concluded I was already in my Sketchers phase when they contacted me and they must have known.

Anyway, I was a bit worried because from the look of some of the pictures online they look a bit like mid-nineties spice girl shoes which were hazardous to ankles I seem to remember.

I got the package on Friday and wasn't at home so I picked them up on Saturday. It was very exciting! I'm going to use them for about a week or so and then I'll blog a proper review once I've got into my stride. ;)

I've walked around the house in them and they definitely seem to do something to my calves because they hurt practically as soon as I put them on! More on that later kids.

Oh, I forgot one review:- Asda vegetable soup in a microwavable pot. Avoid avoid avoid! Makes work environments smell like cabbage and doesn't taste much better than very old vegetables. Bleghk!

And I haven't written about Harry Potter which we saw at the weekend but I'll be back tomorrow with more.

Right, bed for me I think.



Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Oh hang on...wrong we go.....

No still not quite there...although I might look like that after they've finished with me....

Ah, there we are, TMJ issues. :S Yep, it's official. Apparently I have a weird jaw. Well, I'm sure it's not all that weird but it's giving me grief so I have been referred by the dentist to the hospital for the docs to give me a poke or two. That will be fine if they're as hunky as my GP *drool*.

I think perhaps that I shouldn't have told M that because he tries to get me appointments for other doctors. :D

Back to my illness, this TMJ business is weird. Just mostly an annoyance but the headaches really need to go. Hopefully once I get to the hospital I can start on the long journey to get sorted. As previously mentioned M is relishing the prospect of me being 'wired' up. Ooo I'll be like Kayne West in that Through the Wire song, didn't he have to have a head brace or something?

I jest, of course it's all a bit worrying but it's almost a relief that I am finally getting something done about the pain.

So, we're back to reality after spending a fabulous weekend with the pixie platoon. It was very relaxing and lovely to catch up with my family as it always is. We left Leeds on Saturday morning bound for London. We were due to eat out but dad wasn't feeling great so we went straight to my grandma's house and met my sister(+1 and my nephew) and my brother.

They turned up in my brother's new black Audi. It was really nice however I'm sure he's too young for driving something so fancy. I mean, I know he's 23 but he's still a child!

We had a lovely meal and then I got presents! I must add, not just random presents, although those are good too. It's my birthday on Saturday so I got presents early. I never know what to do with the whole getting present early thing. Do you say thanks for giving me stuff and keep it till your birthday? I always like to see people opening their presents, it's all about that for me - same as Christmas.

Anyway, I decided to open them. My sister got me some lush MAC make-up that I asked for, a limited edition colour eye shadow and some mascara. My dad got me something amazing - I want to say that before saying...I told him to take it back. Basically it was a very beautiful Tiffany necklace, but not really in my style. I didn't want to keep it and only wear it a few times because it was flippin expensive and I'd rather have the money for something else. So, felt a bit ungrateful but rather that than something like that go to waste.

We then drove to my mum's house and slept there, it was sooooo relaxing. I was very tired and felt ill and the bed there is just amazing. We get our own floor when we stay there because no one stays in that side of the house so it's very quiet too. Not that there's many people there, my mum - who has her own suite and my bro (the one that's just finished his A-Levels) who is right over the other side of the house. I wouldn't like to stay there on my own, especially as it's in the middle of nowhere. As smerphf used to say, a 'scream all you want' scenario.

My step-dad is away on business in Abu-Dhabi which is ironic being that my dad was in this country instead of being there, almost like a dad tag team.

The relies came back round for a bbq on Sunday which was lovely and actually sunny for a change. My nephew, who is 9, is now Michael Jackson, it's absolutely hilarious. He's been playing guitar and writing his own songs for a while now, he's so totally going to be famous. One of his songs about his dad's friend who commited suicide is a bit on the dark side - it goes like "tears were rolling down my face as they put you in that wooden case" quite bleak for 9 I think you'd agree.

He's learnt the moonwalk and was wearing a hat in an MJ style and flicking it off and catching it. Ironically he's only got into the whole Jacko thing since he died which we were saying is a bit sad. I know I'm biased but he is truly talented. We recorded a bit of him doing it on M's phone that I was going to upload onto here but it doesn't seem to want to work. Grr.

I think I'm going to take this laptop off my lap now because it's frackin boilin.

I'm going to leave you with this because I have revived my love for Flight of the Conchords and have the album in the car to make me laugh on the way to work.

laterz peeps