Friday, 5 February 2010

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

Random fact:- The first time I saw Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory aged 6 and a half, I was sick.  I think it quite literally blew my tiny mind.

My mum had taken me to her friend's house where said friend's daughter and I watched it in their huge lounge.  It was a very strange big old house.  Parts of it they didn't even use.  A scary old granny annexe, a whole wing on one side was just empty.

Anyway, we'd watched the film and I remember going into the kitchen and trying to get my mum's attention to say I was feeling sick.  Then, I sat back down at the big round table and promptly sicked all over it.  I was too ill to be embarrassed but I have since played out scenarios in my head where I make it to a toilet, I get my mum's attention and she gets me a bucket - or I'm not actually sick.

Maybe it's a Technicolor thing.  I remember one Christmas being ill watching The Wizard of Oz and having to go to bed because I'd been sick.   

Sickly child?  Probably.

M is now on facebook which is cool.  He's managed to catch up some old friends from where he used to live and some that he hasn't spoken to in a while, which is cool for him - he's not the best at keeping in contact with friends so it's the perfect way to find out what people are doing.  Poppy put herself on there too, the little scamp!

I will be back tomorrow with a more substantial 'life' update.  I was at college yesterday and then straight to my friend's house for an evening of chat and catch up so I'm mucho tiredo.

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