Sunday, 14 February 2010

I wanna love you, every day and every night


So today, after I received the bestest home made valentine's day card I've ever seen, we took ourselves off to Harlow Carr gardens for a nice walk around, followed by some tasty tea and treats from Bettys.  

I have stupidly left my coat at work so I was a little chilly on the wander and my nose was super cold.  Not that my coat would have helped that...but...and stuff.  

It was a lovely day out.  I held a bird!  I've never held a bird before.  M did that thing where he volunteered me to put the big glove on and hold it, apparently he sacrificed his go so that I could hold it, err ok.  It was a Harris Hawk I believe.  

I told M afterwards that I think I've got a connection with creatures.  For example, Poppy love me and the falcon didn't want to get off my arm and it started shouting like it was quite happy thank you.  So there, I think that's conclusive proof.  

In other news: Irregular Choice have released some new shoes.

I will possess their heart.



Ria said...

I *heart* Irregular Choice! Seemed like you and Mr C had a great Valentines Day, still have to try Bettys, their stuff look lush! Have a happy Monday!! =)

Pixie said...

They are gorg aren't they? We had a lovely time thanks hon hope you had a good day x