Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lily is bored

I love Fashionface.TV and they have an excellent online video collection on the youtube link from their site.  It shows loads of makeup tutorials and reviews of products and they're so photogenic and nice.

Anyway this is the latest offering from them:-

"Do you even know who Courtney Love is"?  "No."  Classic!

When smerphf and I went to Lindos with the gang - Helen's Millie (who was 4 at the time - I think) insisted on making me up using my very lovely chanel lipstick palette.  It wasn't quite the same after she'd gouged the colours out of the pallette using the brush, but it was hilarious.

She proceeded to 'make' herself look diddy and told us she was on MTV, posing for shots from the hungry camera phones.  Bless the children of my life.

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