Monday, 24 May 2010

Play on, Play on, Play on

So we saw Paloma last week.  She was absolutely awesome.  

The whole show was a triumph.  The venue - Sheffield O2 arena was quite nice.  A little bit sticky carpet-ish with a slight smell of sick - they obviously use it as a nightclub at the weekends.  Overall, a rather good place to see a band because you can see the stage from most of the room.

There were lots of people at the gig who were clearly trying to be Paloma, and not quite pulling it off.  Some were better than others, but overall there was a whiff of failure on the old outfit front.  No matter, I guess the effort is the most important thing.   

I wondered if she had a little collection of fans with a certain name?  Palomaettes?  Faithers?  There were some rather cute little girls of about 8 or 9 with little 50s dresses on they looked lovely. 

It occured to me, it must be really nice to 'follow' someone at that age that you can copy the style of.  I suppose it's a bit like Madonna in the 80s.  More accessible than Lady Gaga just because of what you can buy on the high street these days.  And there's something so nice about old 50s glamour.  How lovely that girls want to look old Hollywood actress again.  Much nicer than Keisha or some other current pop tartlet.

As an aside, I decided to try out my new topshop bright red rio rio lipstick and it was brilliant.  It stayed on all night and I was still pouting away in the car on the way home.  Finally a matt red lipstick that stays on, and doesn't give me red teeth!  

So she came on, dazzled the crowd with her exquisite voice and left us all wanting more.  She did all of her album with a couple of excellent covers.  The Beatles - You never give me your money and a beautiful version of Etta James - At Last. 

She also jazzed up 'Do you want the truth or something beautiful' into a fab 80s version which went excellently with her band who were dressed in smart suits with sharp hair dos, very Grace Jones.

She is a ball of funny, quirky, modest brilliance with the most natural voice that could move you to tears or lull you quietly to sleep.  Although I hate to make comparisons I think she beats Amy W hands down.   

I'm very glad she is here, and I hope she'll be doing her do for many years to come. 

Before I go, I think I have found the bestest necklace in the whole world. 
If you look more closely you can see little skulls inside the cherries.  LUSH. 

Also from the same website - Eyeball hair slides.  Yes, that's right, eyeballs.  Pretty gores.  When will I grow up?


*R* said...

I really like her voice - but I still think she looks spookily like Karen from Outnumbered! x

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

I have some dresses from Collectif and they are really good quality - nice material that holds you in in the right places!

Emma said...

Your never going to grow up! We can go live in Neverland together. I plan on staying 21 forever! :)
That neckplace is soo cute! Your header is fab! It looks so professional - you could make money on the sid eby designing headers for people! :d