Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Who cares for you? You're nothing but a pack of cards!

I got one!  I got one!  

I can safely say, this is the first time I have been so suckered into merchandise which accompanies a film.  However, it incorporates Alice in Wonderland and fabulous make-up and I think they were onto a bit of a winner with this one.  

I really didn't think I'd get one, I just assumed that I'd be too late like I usually am.  And on Sunday night, I thought that had been confirmed when I logged onto and they'd already sold out despite saying they weren't going on sale until Monday!  

Today I just happened to go on there, actually to get the number to ring and reserve one in the Leeds store and there they were, all shiny and ready to buy.  Hoorah.  

We're off down South at the weekend - but I will be back with more info on this tomorrow.  

Before I go:
I cracked up at about half way through when he goes head first into the laundry basket.  Silly catten!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wibble Wobble

So I made some jelly yesterday afternoon.  I really fancied some and I haven't had any for ages so I made some.  I thought I'd do a kind of fruit trifle (without sponge or custard) to try and spice it up a bit. 

I put some pineapple, banana and orange into the jelly and placed the bowls in the fridge, ready to set.  Four hours later.....still not set.  Six hours later....still not set.  Oh well, I thought - it must need to set over night.

I got home tonight and put my finger in the jelly, you'll never believe it - still not set!!  So I checked on line (as I do if I don't know anything, what the heck did I do without the internet?) and apparently you can't put fresh pineapple in jelly, I never knew! 

Something to do with the enzymes in pineapple, they don't mix well with jelly stuff.  I like to think the pineapple enzymes are very posh and refuse to associate with the common enzymes in the jelly nightclub. 

So I made another batch, this time with just banana in, and let me tell you, it was a big success, huge.  Apart from jelly, I made a pie tonight, it was quite delightful. 

I have to go and see if M can checked my ears.  I've suddenly started hearing the 10 o'clock news as if it is read by robots.  Of course, it might be, and that would be cool.  But I also have a pain in my right ear so I'm thinking there's an issue.  Not sure what M might be able to do about it, but it's nice to know I'm not alone in times of trouble, such as this one.

Sweet dreams peeps. 

Friday, 19 February 2010

And just because

I'm trying to catch up on my 'one blog post per day' pact that I made myself at the beginning of the month, I wanted to ask, will this look good as a tattoo?

It's part of the amazing card that M drew me for Valentine's day.  But it incorporates most of the things I love (I might add some cherries and a cup of tea, and maybe a butterfly).  The picture doesn't really do it justice though, it's really lovely.  

It really is the best card I've ever received.  That's why I'd like it on me, as a constant reminder of how wonderful my boy is.  

Although I sway between wanting a tattoo and thinking they are rubbish.  I'll just carry on thrashing it out in my mind for a while longer.  

And another thing

 Oh.  My.  God.  I want blue hair so badly!

I am so hardcore I sell my crap and people ask for more

Gross aren't they?  Well imagine my horror when I got home today and saw what I thought was maggots all over the back garden (lawn to be more specific)!

So, I got in and Poppy was desperate to go outside because it's light still when I get in now.  I opened the back door and I decided I'd give her a little brush while I was there because she likes it.  I wasn't looking properly, but I saw loads of....maggots in front of my eyes.  Argh!  Argh!  Lawn maggots, I've never heard of them!  How!  Why!  What!  Evil!  Get away!  

My brain then got itself in order and I realised that M had thrown some Bombay mix outside for the birds (I'm not sure if they'll like it either but he thought it was a good idea).  Phew, it was hairy there for a moment - I had already got an action plan in place to whip Poppy back inside and wait underneath a blanket until M came home and got rid of the little mites. 

I'm a bit tired today, it's been a busy and stressful week.  We found out that my dad is in hospital with pneumonia which isn't at all good.  He only had cancer a few years ago and that makes it mega worrying when anything is wrong with him, especially as he lives in Dubai and it's hard to know what's going on sometimes.  

My sister has been in contact which is brilliant.  He's such an amazingly strong person, not many people (aged 60) would be back working 9 hour days after having chemotherapy and radiation treatment and in a completely foreign country.  I'm sure he'll be on the road to recovery very soon.  

On a lighter note: This is ace.  Gaga cookies!  I'm not to sure on the quality of the outfits but the concept is mega.      

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lily is bored

I love Fashionface.TV and they have an excellent online video collection on the youtube link from their site.  It shows loads of makeup tutorials and reviews of products and they're so photogenic and nice.

Anyway this is the latest offering from them:-

"Do you even know who Courtney Love is"?  "No."  Classic!

When smerphf and I went to Lindos with the gang - Helen's Millie (who was 4 at the time - I think) insisted on making me up using my very lovely chanel lipstick palette.  It wasn't quite the same after she'd gouged the colours out of the pallette using the brush, but it was hilarious.

She proceeded to 'make' herself look diddy and told us she was on MTV, posing for shots from the hungry camera phones.  Bless the children of my life.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's better to give than give up

So my brother(student bum) has just sent me a request to join a group which I presume is doing the rounds on Facebook today. I normally just have a quick glance, join if it's funny and never look again but this one is ace! It's called The Lent Experiment.

Basically instead of giving something up for lent, you do a good deed each day. They are going to publish two good deeds per day and then you can pick between them. Well, I think I'm just going to see what's on offer but probably pick my own.

I absolutely love to give. I much prefer giving than receiving so this is right up my street. I mean, in theory I could give something up for lent as well as this, but I don't normally so I don't think I'll start now.

Other than that it's been a pretty uneventful but happy day.  I've been having a postal service revival on my car stereo which helped me feel better during the foggy drive to work.

It was like someone had come and put a blanket over the whole of Leeds this morning, with a sprinkling of ice and frost too.  Damn inconsiderate weather systems!

I've just seen this amazing woman's website. She basically combines two awesome things; art and food.

This is Ditta Von Cheese, made entirely from mature cheddar! 
And this is Chery Cole. Made using things you'd find on a cheese board.
How frackin impressive is that?!  Prudence Emma Staite's website, Food is Art can be found here.

She does all sorts, chocolate rooms, specific party plates.  I think I'd like to get a nice face and eat it.  Or maybe just Alexander Skarsgard shoulders.  Nibble nibble.   

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Everybody's going surfin....

I want a surf dog.

Pancake fail. M had to work late. No biggie, we'll have some at the weekend.

I'm off up to boro on Saturday to see the lasses. Can't wait! Good times.

Monday, 15 February 2010

You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Well folks it's Monday and it's almost over and that means the weekend is almost here.  However, I really don't mind the weeks these days.  I don't have a day that I dislike.  I like all the days.

So I'm quite chuffed with myself.  I got a 2:1 for my creative writing course work.  I think that's a pretty good effort for the first piece, so yey for me.

I have no words for you other than:  TOMORROW.  PANCAKES.  LEMON.  SUGAR.  REPEAT. Omnomnomnomnomnom. 


(I'm hoping my 30th surprise is a trip to the Big Apple).  Please.  I'll be good.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I wanna love you, every day and every night


So today, after I received the bestest home made valentine's day card I've ever seen, we took ourselves off to Harlow Carr gardens for a nice walk around, followed by some tasty tea and treats from Bettys.  

I have stupidly left my coat at work so I was a little chilly on the wander and my nose was super cold.  Not that my coat would have helped that...but...and stuff.  

It was a lovely day out.  I held a bird!  I've never held a bird before.  M did that thing where he volunteered me to put the big glove on and hold it, apparently he sacrificed his go so that I could hold it, err ok.  It was a Harris Hawk I believe.  

I told M afterwards that I think I've got a connection with creatures.  For example, Poppy love me and the falcon didn't want to get off my arm and it started shouting like it was quite happy thank you.  So there, I think that's conclusive proof.  

In other news: Irregular Choice have released some new shoes.

I will possess their heart.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

You can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went; you can swear and curse the fates – but when it comes to the end, you have to let go

I don't often rave about a film on here, I normally just absorbed the details for myself and give a few recommends to friends.

We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and I was totally and utterly enthralled by it. 

The premise is that Benjamin is born showing all the signs of old age and gradually through his life gets younger, until the end when he is actually old but a baby on the outside.  The film tracks his movements in time whilst he changes in appearance, finds love and begins to understand the meaning of his life. 

The main message is the unfairness of life.  The fact that you lose people you love, but that you are lucky to have experienced that love in the first place.  Even with the amount of sorrow throughout (I was actually having a full on shoulder moving cry at one point) there are loads of funny bits, I guess that had to inject a bit of humour into such a deep meaning.

Benjamin is superbly played by Brad Pitt.  They some how manage to make him change ages throughout the film but still look like himself, it's odd.  I don't normally rate him as a actor, but he is fantastic.  In fact, I forgot it was him half way through.    

It is one of the best shot films I've seen in a while.  The scenery, the sunsets, the locations - all fabulous.   

The film is quite long (about 2 and a half hours) but I didn't want it to end.  Benjamin Button is such a lovely like-able character that has lots of heartache, I almost wanted a happy ending for him. 

But I suppose that's the real life lesson - nothing lasts, and what a shame that is.   

Friday, 12 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

You took my hand and you were my friend and you made it beautiful

(The view from our living room at Portmeirion).
Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

What an awesome few days.  The place, the room, the food!  The weather was absolutely glorious.  A little cold but still warm in the sunshine.  It was the first time we've managed to walk round without getting rained on and getting muddy in the woods.

At dinner last night we met a lovely drunk couple who's daughter got married there (it would be a most amazing place to get married at) and they've been going ever since.  It really is one of 'those' places.  People just go back and back because it is so beautiful.  A good time was had by all.  
In other exciting news, a few weeks ago I emailed the lovely people over at DollyDagger because I noticed that they had stopped selling my favourite cherry pearl necklace which I have worn to death over the last few years. It was a present from M when we were first dating and it's a bit special but sadly my red hair ruined the pearls.

So anyway, they wrote back and said they weren't making them anymore and I was gutted. But ever eager to please I had a lovely email a few days later from Lauren to say that she would have a hunt around the stock room and see what she could do.

Forward to Tuesday and I had another email to say that they'd found some pearls and the glass cherries and had made a couple more of the necklaces up and reserved one for me - now that's customer services for you. In all the time I've used them they've always been fantastic - there needs to be more online shops like them around - 10 out of 10.

Sleepy now. Dose of tea needed.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Look into my eyeeee.....

Yep, it's still bloody.  You can't really get the full extent with this but it does look pretty grim.  Typical, and I was going to do a photoshoot in Portmeirion!

I've just noticed that one of my favourite shops in Brighton Get Cutie are taking my russian doll obsession to new levels by making a dress in doll fabric.  Hoorah!  And even better it happens to be online at my new favourite place; Thunderegg double hoorah!

Listening to:- Tap at my window Laura Marling, another one that Ollie introduced me to.  He's good like that. 

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Curiouser and curiouser!

Halp.  I've got a bloody eye.  I'm aware I've got two, I'm not being clever.  It's actually bleeding.  I was super freaked when I went to the bathroom a while ago and saw it.  It's fine when I look straight on, it's just when I turn to one side, the left eye has blood behind it.

M keeps doing an impression of the 'blood' boy, which I'm trying not to find funny for the millionth time but it is! 

I should probably try and rest it or something.  I have no idea what to do in this instance.  I have spoken to my mum and she thinks I'll live, so that's ok.  Luckily I work in the best place for this kind of thing and I'll ask someone tomorrow what they think of it.

Today as predicted we ended up having a lovely chinese lunch in Maxi's.  I had king prawn and seasonal green vegetables (read mange tout) bird's nest.  It was really nice actually.  I'm not keen on loads of rice and stuff so that was just right because I didn't eat much of the 'nest'.

We had a little wander around Costco afterwards and I bought a new book.  I was a bit disappointed that the man we saw last time wasn't in there.  He was walking round with his kids and whilst his wife was busy browsing the shelves he was entertaining them by singing Real 2 Real "I like to move it, move it" in a very loud voice, then they were doing the end "move it!", it was ace!    

Tonight we have watched Sherlock Holmes.  I really enjoyed it actually.  It does exactly what it's supposed to, light-hearted detective film.  The only gripe I have is that Robert Downey Junior talked a little too quickly for me to understand what he was saying.  

I'm mega excited about next week.  I'm only in work for two days and then we're off on a holi-holi-day!  WIN.  We're going to Portmeirion and it's been booked for what seems like an eternity.  I'm glad we're spending a bit more time there because when we've been before it's only been for one night.

It's so relaxing there, a little bit of paradise by the sea.  I'm hoping it doesn't snow although I guess that won't matter too much.  I'll take my wellies.

I'll leave you with this:-

I saw them (all two of them) a few years ago and they were amazing.  How two blokes with a guitar and a drum set can make such a pleasant sound I'll never know.  I love the lyrics in this song.  "And though you're heading slowly to some place I can't respect, I'll keep you in my collection of regrets".

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Oh and...Tatty Devine

I forgot to mention that I am loving the new spring collection from Tatty Devine.

A couple of my favourite things include:-

Pink cocktail umbrella necklace (£27)

Senorita necklace (£21)

I've always had a thing for the Rob Ryan collaboration pieces on the site.  He does such wonderful cards.

What a gorgeous sentiment.  All of the cards are like this, just beautifully worded - exactly what you'd want someone to say to you. 

When I saw the jewellery on Tatty I just fell in love.

I'm trying to justify the price tag to myself or maybe I'll get lucky and someone nice like my mum will get me one for my birthday (the big one so naturally deserving of lush jewellery).

I can make your heart beat short

We haven't been to any live music since last year and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.  

Now I'm excited to say that I did some ticket booking last week.  There's a few people that I missed out on; Vampire Weekend, Hot Chip, Paloma Faith - but I might see what I can find on ebay.  

Anyway I've booked New Young Pony Club because they're ace and also Ellie Goulding.  I have heard a couple of her songs and it's interesting in a techno, weird voice kind of way so we'll give that a whirl.  

I have to say I have been a bit disappointed with new music of late.  Owl City is just a rip off of Postal Service and a track I heard on the radio the other day sounded like E.L.O.  Imitation is the way forward now, I guess that's flattery, but fairly boring. 

M has also booked tickets for Fun Lovin Criminals in Manchester.  I must confess, I'm not all that keen on those ones.  He did convert me to Static-X after we saw them in Sheffield but I don't care for FLC very much.  They're like has-beens that have been flogging a dead horse for sometime.  M knows my views on the matter.  But he comes to gigs with me so I return the favour.  

Today we went to Otley for a little wander around.  I seem to have cricked my neck so we went into boots to get some deep heat type potions.  I noticed that Soap and Glory had a 1/3 off sale so I got some of the hand cream.  All this cold weather and constant hand washing has led my hands down a dry path.  I'm hoping to rectify this now.  

We also went into The Traditional Sweet Shop which was ace.  Rows and rows of jars of old fashioned sweets and general niceness.  It reminded me of a Roald Dahl story.  

I got some giant strawberries and M got some pint bottles.  I'd not heard of them but they are rather yummy - like cola bottles but smelling of beer.  We also got some space dust.  I might try and make some kind of weird dessert with it like Heston would.    

Tomorrow M's dad is coming over and I'm sure we'll end up in Maxi's because M's dad likes it.  Happy days.  

Friday, 5 February 2010

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

Random fact:- The first time I saw Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory aged 6 and a half, I was sick.  I think it quite literally blew my tiny mind.

My mum had taken me to her friend's house where said friend's daughter and I watched it in their huge lounge.  It was a very strange big old house.  Parts of it they didn't even use.  A scary old granny annexe, a whole wing on one side was just empty.

Anyway, we'd watched the film and I remember going into the kitchen and trying to get my mum's attention to say I was feeling sick.  Then, I sat back down at the big round table and promptly sicked all over it.  I was too ill to be embarrassed but I have since played out scenarios in my head where I make it to a toilet, I get my mum's attention and she gets me a bucket - or I'm not actually sick.

Maybe it's a Technicolor thing.  I remember one Christmas being ill watching The Wizard of Oz and having to go to bed because I'd been sick.   

Sickly child?  Probably.

M is now on facebook which is cool.  He's managed to catch up some old friends from where he used to live and some that he hasn't spoken to in a while, which is cool for him - he's not the best at keeping in contact with friends so it's the perfect way to find out what people are doing.  Poppy put herself on there too, the little scamp!

I will be back tomorrow with a more substantial 'life' update.  I was at college yesterday and then straight to my friend's house for an evening of chat and catch up so I'm mucho tiredo.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Heidi, you're a pratt! (see what I did there?)

So, being a big (not so closet) fan of Laguna Beach/The Hills/The City I like to keep up to date with the celeb gossip connected to the shows.  I never liked Heidi, or Spencer when he came on the scene.  

They're a pair of fame hungry monsters with little personality.  M would probably argue most of the 'actors' on the show are but the others at least have career paths and contribute something.  

I was absolutely shocked when I saw the latest pictures of Heidi.  Having had 10 surgical procedures in one day, I'm safe to say she looks an absolute state.  

I have no idea what possesses these 'celebs' to have so much stuff done to their faces - do they not have proper mirrors in Hollywood?  Is the ideal face a cat one?

Shocking before and after shot:-


apparently her surgeon has refused to do anymore work on her after she nearly died the last time.  I'm thinking if another needle touches those lips she's going to look like this:-

In other news I have baked a cake tonight.  There was no reason behind it, apart from that I needed to use up some eggs.  Poppy likes the smell of it she said. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Ermm I have nothing.  Of note.  I am just writing as part of my aims to write at least one thing per day, even if it is aimless, as such.

But I did see the best cat bedroom ever. ♥

What a lazy cutie!

Oh and I love this cushion:-

Monday, 1 February 2010

Last night, I was on the threshold of hell. Today, I am within sight of my heaven

So today on our local news there was an item about the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Howarth having had a spring clean, ready for the new year.  We went there a few months ago and I absolutely loved it.  

I have been a little obsessed with the Bronte girls and their books, it feels like such a privilege to be able to visit their actual home.

It's really interesting as well, not just a load of literature - the rooms are replicas of the house in their day, the furniture they used remains, a lot of their clothes, jewellery and the letters they wrote to literary agents using male pseudonyms to get their work in print without prejudice.  I think it's such a shame that they never knew how well received their books were.

If you're in the area it's definitely worth a visit to the house and to the church just down the lane where they are buried, in the vault below the building.  It isn't splendid, just a simple, yet rather spooky church.     

In other news I went for a lovely shopping trip after work on Friday.  One of those browses where you find lots of stuff that you wanted but don't actually spend too much.  I got four tops, a jumper dress and some socks with russian dolls on.  I resisted any makeup and nail polishes though which I thought was impressive.

I also got very excited because I noticed that polka dots are back in the shops again.  I have had a big obsession with polka dots for years.  I bought a pair of Irregular Choice polka dot shoes about 6 years ago (they are still going strong) and they just go with everything.  They are a great way of injecting something a bit different to a plain outfit.  

Polka dot finds:-

Urban Outfitters

Miss Selfridge


And for the ones with a little more of a budget:-


Oh and a pic of my lovely trusty old IC polka dots

The thing I love is that there are loads of lovely dotty things on the high street.  I really hate it when a fashion is only available to the 'ladies who lunch', although similar designs are readily available these days which is a bonus.

Whilst we're on shoes I have told M that I want from these from Vivienne Westwood for Valos day.


I think they'd be great with cropped trousers or jeans.  Or a nice pencil skirt.  Or maybe just for wearing around the house with my dressing gown.

I think I ought to wrap this up now because I'm a little snoozy. 

Music track of the day:- She and Him why do you let me stay here? we watched Yes Man yesterday and the 'she' (Zooey Deschannel) from she and him was in a band called Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome and they were ace!  We particularly liked the seahorse hats, very cool.  In fact, I'm thinking about fashioning one out of cardboard.