Friday, 7 January 2011

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

Hello!  Merry 2011 to you all.   

Many apologies for disappearing off the map during the Christmas period.  I meant to do a few seasonal posts but to be honest, once I'd got through my blog roll of festive feasts and sang Little Donkey a few times I was all Christmassed out.   

Suffice to say, we had a marvellous time with family and friends.  It was really lovely to spend a few more days down South and really enjoy everyone's company.  Now just to make more of an effort to get down there more this year. 

Life tends to take over a little and by the time the weekend rolls around it's nice just to get out into Yorkshire for a walk or see something new.  But, if I was making resolutions - which I'm not because I don't believe in them, that would be one. 

We came back home for New Year - just had a very quiet one, which I liked because I'm really not into New Year unless it's at a house party with friends and not with crazy drinkers throughout the land. 

I made toad in the hole.  I don't really have anything to add about that, other than I have completely cracked the whole yorkshire pudding thing.  It puffed up so much I had to move the oven shelf for maximum capacity! 

My theory is that because I've now been in Yorkshire for 2 years I've finally been accepted into the secret society of the North cookery and subsequently can bake all manner of things.  Including Fat Rascals and Curd Tarts.  I haven't actually tested this theory out yet but it would seem the only explanation.  Maybe.

On Sunday we had a lovely day out in York.  It was really quiet compared to a normal Sunday there which was super.  We haven't done any sales shopping over the Christmas period (were people really online shopping on Christmas day?!) so it was nice to have a bit of a browse.  Oh, I'm lying - I did have a Rob Ryan splurge when we went to Wickham for the day with Juli - but that was just by chance, I wasn't actively sales shopping so it doesn't count.  Does it? 

We were also there to get M's new swanky Nixon D5000 camera, which apparently is 'ours' but I haven't had a play with it yet - we didn't really bother with presents for each other this year.  M has been busy stocking up on electrical equipment for the house and I get spoiled all year round anyway so it's nice to just have special things when we want them.

We bimbled around the shops for a while - it was quite chilly but I had my lovely new snuggly coat which I purchased last year from Monsoon.  I actually bought it last summer but then left it in Poland when we went over in September.  It then made it's way back to the UK to my grandma's house in London.  My dad then tried to take it to my sister's house but left it in the boot - so after it became the most unworn, well travelled coat in history it made it's way to me, hurrah!  It's so cosy and warm, a very good buy.      

Nothing strange to report from York.  A few people walking around like zombies and a queue at Bettys - annoyingly.  We decided to just purchase some tea and cakes to take home with us.  I got a chocolate bomb and M had his usual Curd Tart. 

Items purchased in York:-

Bettys goodies, a Cath Kidston bag which I need to carry all the crap I take to work that doesn't fit into my buldging handbag and some of my favourite perfume.  Not really bargaintastic.

I've been meaning to get a recipe book for ages.  I have accumulated a rather large pile of scrap paper consisting of various recipes which I have to leaf through every time I bake - I will enjoy writing them all up. 

I also always get a diary every year and try to keep it up to date.  This year we have loads of things coming up so I'm going to make an extra effort to enter stuff into it!

I bought this book on a recommendation - so far I love it. The topic is a particularly sad one,
but sometimes you have to get emo about stuff to appreciate what you have.  Or at least, that's what I do.

May I also present to you - The Gruffalo.  According to M, I am the gruffalo.  It has become my new name in the last couple of months and I'm not sure if it's endearing or rudeness.  I like to think the former - so he bought it for me to remind me of myself, I think. 

Although if you read this:-

I'm sounding a little bit scary. 

Anyhoo speaking of soft toys - just before Christmas I saw on the Donkey Sanctuary website that they sell knitted donkeys which are hand knitted by supporters of the Sanctuary.  Naturally being a huge donkey fan (my first question on meeting someone is normally "have you ever been to a donkey sanctuary") I had to purchase one.    

Meet Dustin.  He was just chilling there next to the Christmas lights to keep warm.  He asked to be called Dustin as he's a bit fan of Dustin Hoffman - particularly his portrayal of 'Ratso' in Midnight Cowboy.  If you have 5 minutes have a look on the website at the donkey cams - they are mega ace. 

M got a bit annoyed with me the other night because I was watching them for ages and the most conversation he got out of me was "oh look, it's eating something" or "one of them is bedding down for the night!" *excited*.

Finally - I managed to stock up on marvellous Rob Ryan stuff which I'm so pleased with.  The thing that I love the most about his work is the sentiment.  I could really just lose myself in his words all day long.  Anyway - I got these together mugs, these wonderful set of plates, this wonderful stand alone plate - which I'm going to display lovely cakes on and finally this acetastic vase.  Love love love it all. 

Now, I should probably get on with some work.  However I will add, if you haven't seen Tron Legacy yet you simply must.  The soundtrack is absolutely superb, really dark.  A daft punk triumph.


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