Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Go on, grab your hat and fetch your camera. Go on, film the world before it happens

May I introduce to you my lovely shiny red Holga camera (picture taken on my rather shitty camera phone).

I have long since been a fan of Lomography.  Although recently, I reawakened my urge to buy one and experiment with it myself.  Enter some gratefully received Christmas money and a pretty toy camera arriving in the post!

I personally think that the actual art of photography is dying a little.  Anyone can buy a point and shoot and get a decent picture out of it, despite ability or skills.  Obviously that's a double edged sword.  Photography is alive in the masses now and that can't be seen as a negative. 

The things that I loved about photography when I was growing up have all but disappeared now. 

The mystery of not knowing what the picture looked like instantly.  The feeling of always trying that little bit harder to get the best shot possible so as not to 'waste' film.  The excitement of queuing up to get your photos after they'd been developed - so much excitement that you tripped several people up on the way out of the shop because you'd stopped to look at them.

In the same way as many children will never visit a library now, I think it's sad that children won't experience the full process of developing pictures.

So, anyway - enough ranting.  I have purchased film (eek) and I also bought the flash cheaply off ebay.  It was less than £10 and came really quickly from Hong Kong so I was a bit pleased with that. 

I went for the 35mm version of the Holga in the end.  I think I would have found it too difficult to get the 120 film developed and that might have put me off using it more.

I'll be back to show you some of the pictures I take, good and bad.  Probably more bad than good. 

In other news, we watched Big Fat Gypsy Wedding last night on Channel 4, it was ace!  I laughed and was scared in equal measures.  How did the dress maker lady break her arm?  We reckon she dropped one of the frackin huge dresses on her arm.  I'd love to go to that shop just to see the dresses, they looked immense.

Best get on with some work now - have a nice day peeps.


Marthaamay O_o said...

I watched it too!
I reckon one of the gypsy families broke it because she said she couldn't make their dress even bigger than it was!!! (Ooops, only kidding of course!)

p.s your capacha for this comment is 'Pailin'

Pixie said...

You could be onto something there!

That's a strange capacha phrase, I don't like!

Marthaamay O_o said...

I don't like it either, it would be great to ban capachas that are not to our taste!

This one is 'sonorni'

lipsticklori said...

I love lomography. Anything shot on film just seems so much prettier than the real-life blandness of digital photos. One of my friends said they look like memories :-)

CupcakeKiller said...

Its like a pretty lego brick! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Gyppo weddings is the nuts, those dresses are bat shit crazy! Oh and the boys process of 'grabbing' to stake their claim on a lady... i believe its called harassment or rape in our culture... :D

Captcha is lurump... better than Pailin!

Tera said...

Dreamy! I adore Holgas...actually, cameras in general :>

Pixie said...

@lori - you're one of the main reasons I've reignited my love. Memories is such a nice way of thinking about the pictures - they are so dreamy!

Emma said...

It's so cute!!! Like baby 'awwwwwww' cute! :)