Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The runaway train came down the track and she blew, she blew

Hey loves.  Yet again life has encroached on my bloggerising.  It's not on really is it?

On Sunday we took a trip to York.  Originally we planned to go for a general mooch but ended up visiting the National Railway Museum

I've always loved going on train journeys.  I love the adventure of it all, even if that's just travelling to work.  I admit, I don't actually travel to work on trains and perhaps I wouldn't be so romantic about it all if I did - but it just relaxes me.  Looking out of the window, drifting away into the rolling countryside....listening to someone else's stereo....oh, a child is crying....someone's phone just went off....OK...ok it's not all great, but I can dream I'm still in Victorian times.  In first class. 

I'm not some kind of trainspotter (although we did mingle with quite a few hardcore ones furiously jotting numbers down in their notepads) but actually the museum was REALLY interesting.  There was heaps to see, loads of funny things and plenty of helpful people ready to explain just how a steam engine works.

I started off taking pictures of a couple of the trains and the intricacies of the amazing designs.  Then I sort of went off on a side track due to the great signs and posters.

A pretty awesome train.  Clearly.

Look at this coolness - it's part of The Duchess of Hamilton.

I'm 5ft 5 and I was smaller than this wheel. Wowsers.

See? I want to join this fine fellow in first class.
He looks quite pensive.

I reckon we could wheel this one out again.

This sounds like fun.  Or a bit weird.  You decide.

Imagine if there were still signs like this? It would be ace!

Oh come on, it had to be snapped.

All in all it was a really lovely way to spend a morning.  After we'd finished browsing train stuff we walked into York and ate some nice food by the river.  

Before we left I had to pop into paperchase and get something from their current Easter range.  Welcome to my collect nesting bunnies.  

They're cute aren't they? 

Sleep now I believe.  Hope you're having a lovely evening.  

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Rach said...

Sounds like a lovely day in York - and I love those bunnies!!